Healing the Hearts of Children in the Heart of Texas

The mission of Cherokee Home for Children is to engage children in education, community, and church-related activities to positively influence their lives. Preparing the children for the time where they leave Cherokee takes wholesome and dedicated people.

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Shown here is one of younger boys who wanted to put the first plant in the new garden that he had worked hard to help build.

Spring Gardening Fever in Full Force - Help Us Help It Grow

Although they started a couple of weeks late, the kids are very excited about the garden they are helping plant behind our newest cottage.  The housedad says each child wants their own row.  Their level of excitement is profound.   It's the first sizable garden on our campus in years. 

It's tilled and some of it planted, but this is just the start.  Being in the heart of deer country, we now need to purchase a fence to go around it.  Although in a good spot, additional soil nutrients are needed.  Starting a bit late, we need bedding plants for some items.  And some irrigation will be needed, so hoses and watering equipment are required. 

This wonderful project 'Sprung Up' on us, so we need help funding the items mentioned above.  About $2,000 will do everything right.  Anything over that will simply allow us to do it even better, maybe even bigger.  Will you help us?  You can do it online at our 'donate' button or mail your gift to our regular mailing address.

Call me if you need to know more.  Your interest is very much appreciated.

Delton McGuire, Chief Development Officer  325-372-7621