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Not many of us have travelled to see the Eiffel Tower.

Crista has. 

As a former resident of Cherokee Home, and now a 3rd-year business major at a Christian university, she has done things that many youth could only dream about and hope to experience.  She has participated in university clubs and competed on the collegiate track team.  She has studied abroad and traveled to several European countries.  Recently, Crista even became the proud owner of her own car.  These experiences were only dreams for Crista before Cherokee Home...before "HOPE" became more than just a word.

When Crista was younger, hopes of successes, adventures, and fulfilling dreams were very distant.  Growing up in a shell of a house with no running water or electricity at times, and with a parent who abused her both physically and emotionally, even a better life was a mere hope.  

What made such a transformation possible? God, by taking the love and generosity of folks like YOU and working miracles on the children in our care. 

We know that 2021 will give us opportunity to provide hope for many of God's children.  In the meantime, a "Season of Hope" will soon be upon us as many celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the ultimate giver of hope. During this season, the gifts our children receive will serve as reminders that there are people who care, just as there is a God who cares.

Won't you join us in God's transforming work with a generous end-of-year gift to Cherokee Home?  Not only will you help make this a special "Season of Hope", you will help make the hopes and dreams of the children in our care become a reality.

Thank you for giving hope to our children!