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Building Lasting Relationships


     Our Cherokee Home for Children relationships are like a beautiful patchwork quilt.  Each different, yet stitched together by love.

     Senior walk night at Cherokee ISD is special.  Seniors ask their parents, guardians, or other relatives to walk with them for this honored recognition. 

                        Erick chose four very special women to honor…all house moms at Cherokee Home.

     Look closely at that picture—a beautiful patchwork of love!  Patchwork made of relationships that joined together and helped bring about a huge transformation in Erick’s life and propelled him into his second year at a Christian university.

                    “Before I got to the Home”, Erick once wrote, “my life didn’t have a real direction.  I just lived to live. But when I got to the Home, I started to learn about God and how much He truly loves us...I truly believe that the Home helped me understand the idea of God and helped me build my faith in God.”

     Now, put yourself in the picture with your arm interlocked with the others.  Because YOU ARE a part of this team! Feel the moment as Erick is proudly escorted by these four who have lovingly stepped in over the years to fill the void. Try to imagine the pride that these ladies felt knowing that they have meant something to Erick.  YOUR support has helped make this possible!

     It’s time again for our end-of-year campaign.  We are increasing our target this year to $225,000 as our board has decided to no longer accept government funds. This represents a significant portion of our annual fundraising budget and will be used to continue building life-changing relationships with young people.   If you haven’t already made your end-of-year donation, will you consider doing that right now?

     Donate by clicking HERE.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of God's children!

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