Campus Needs

Cottage 1

  • 10 Spurs Tickets
  • 10 Round Rock Baseball tickets
  • Marble Falls movie tickets
  • Gift Cards for restaurants/food places
  • Large Plant for cottage living room

Cottage 2

  • Theme park tickets (Six Flags, Sea World)
  • Movie gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Basketball Game tickets

Cottage 3

  • Movie gift cards
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Theme Park tickets
  • DVD player with profanity filter
  • Snow Cone maker
  • Commercial beverage dispenser machine
  • Seasonal decorations

Cottage 4

  • Movie Theater Gift Cards (10)
  • Round Rock Express Baseball Tickets (10)
  • Picnic Table
  • Pots and Outdoor Plants for front porch
  • Gift Cards (Subway, McDonald's, Sonic, Walmart, Target, etc.)

Cottage 5

  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Movie gift cards
  • Ninja Juicer for smoothies & salsa/sauces
  • Waffle maker
  • Hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Picnic table
  • Plants and pots for front porch

Cottage 6

  • Movie Theatre Gift Cards
  • Walmart Gift Cards

There are multiple ways items can be purchased for cottages. You can:

1) Donate money marking it for the use of a specific cottage or all cottages.
2) Purchase the item and mail it to the cottage.
3) Purchase the item online and have it mailed to the cottage.

If you would like to mail items from these lists, please use this address:
Cherokee Home for Children Cottage #
P.O. Box 295
Cherokee, TX 76832