Delton McGuire - Chief Development Officer

Delton McGuire - Chief Development Officer

Delton McGuire has been with Cherokee Home for children since 2003. He came to Cherokee to be the Director of Development. He served in that capacity until January 2011 when he took over the responsibilities of Executive Director. In February 2016 he moved back into development as the Chief Development Officer. Fundraising is his passion, and he enjoys working in that role.

Along with his wife, Valerie, he has worked in child care since 1992, mostly at Church of Christ affiliated children’s homes. This included relief houseparenting at Paragould, Arkansas; fundraising and houseparent supervision at Hollis, Oklahoma; houseparenting and fundraising at Amarillo, Texas; houseparent training at Boys Ranch, Texas; and therapeutic foster care and pulpit ministry at Groom, Texas.

Delton holds a graduate degree in communication from Stephen F. Austin State University and is also a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University. He is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and holds additional certifications in religious fundraising and social media marketing.

Delton and Valerie have three grown children, all of whom are working in various ministries. They also have four grandchildren.

When taking time off from fundraising, a personal mission of Delton's is to present a seminar titled "Parenting in a Media Filled World" to congregations all over the U. S. The all-day Sunday presentation is designed to help parents and grandparents deal more effectively with the dangers of social media and the internet.